Gebuwin was founded in 1947 by the brothers Buunk in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

Gebuwin highlights:

  • Inhouse development and production
  • Inhouse engineering department
  • Inhouse testing facility
  • Worldwide Customers with 80% export

Swivel Davit Crane​

Gebuwin has designed a modern swivel davit crane for lifting goods on location. The lightweight lifting davit is quickly to set up with a folding boom, and can rotate 360 degrees when placed in the accompanying floor socket.

  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Can be used within few seconds
  3. Can rotate 360 degrees

Product Types:

  1. Swivel Davit SD125, SD250,  SD500
  2. Swivel Davit Stainless Steel
  3. Swivel Davit zinc plated
  4. Swivel Davit Crane socket available in Stainless steel and zinc plated
  5. Swivel Davit cranes are available with carry bag and rain cover

Hand Winches

There are generally three reasons for using hand winches. They are used as back-up systems or when the frequency of use is low. Finally, a load can be moved in a remote location where there is no electricity.

  1. Equipped with a load pressure brake
  2. Worm and spur gear transmission
  3. Robust and proven quality


Product Types:

  • Spur gear hand winch

  • Battery drill winch

  • Worm gear hand winch

  • Stainless steel worm gear hand winch

  • Theatre winch

Electric Winches

Electric winches are designed for both light and very heavy loads. Gebuwin produces two types of electric winches. Our product range includes electric worm-gear winches and electric planetary winches. Both winches are compact and have a robust construction. The electric worm-gear winches have a capacity of up to 3200 kg and the planetary winches can handle up to 30 tonnes.

  1. Excels in power and design
  2. Suitable to lift and pull loads
  3. Suitable for any type of work


Product Types:

  • Battery drill winch
  • Electric e-Winch
  • Low speed electric winch
  • Electric worm gear

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