Spring Applied Brakes

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KENDRION & INTORQ spring-applied brakes convince due to their high permissible braking energies, high torques and wear resistance. They offer diverse integration and installation options and are therefore ideal for use in servo and geared motors, in robotics and automation, in elevators, in hoists, in wind turbines, in conveyor systems, in medical technology and many other applications. In addition to standard catalog brakes, Kendrion also offers customer-specific brake solutions and supports its customers in selecting a suitable brake solution. Please contact us.

Spring- applied brake BFK457 0,12…125 Nm

Spring-applied brake BFK458 1,5…600 Nm


Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are used wherever moving masses must be driven or decelerated as quickly as possible. Our wide range of products covers a wide variety of requirements. All clutches and brakes can be used in any installation position and require hardly any maintenance. All variants are powerful and operate with all-round safety and reliability. They feature short operating times; low inertia torques and ventilation that is free of residual torque. 


Electromagnetic clutches from KENDRION are used in industrial applications, e.g. in turnstiles, money machines, machine tools or even in medical technology. In the automotive sector, clutches and drive technology from KENDRION are primarily used in buses, waste disposal vehicles and fire engines where they ensure engine cooling, guarantee travel comfort and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the engine compartment.


  • Motors, Geared & Servo Motors
  • Industrial Trucks, Battery Operated Forklifts etc.
  • Lifts / Elevators
  • Wind Energy Plants
  • Crane Systems – Tower Cranes
  • Hoists – Hoisting, Cross and Long Travel Motors
  • Theater Equipment
  • Paper & Packaging Machinery, Bakery & Food Processing Equipment


  • Patented Asbestos -Free and Solvent Free Friction lining with low rate of wear imported only from Germany
  • Easy Identification with part no. assigned to all critical part including rotor too Special aluminum strip on stator for easy identification.
  • ISO 9001, UL, ATEX and CSA certified brakes
  • Short delivery times for the complete range thanks to optimized logistics
  • The brakes are designed for 100 % duty time
  • Global availability of spares, as we are present in more than 49 countries

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