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VETTER Krantechnik GmbH, based in Germany, stands as a global leader in providing advanced lifting solutions

VETTER Krantechnik GmbH

VETTER Krantechnik GmbH, a renowned company headquartered in Germany, is a global leader in the field of advanced lifting solutions. Their product range is extensive and includes a variety of lifting equipment designed to cater to diverse industrial needs.

One of their key offerings is the Pillar Mounted Jib Crane, a highly flexible and precise lifting solution. This crane design is known for its superior maneuverability and load-handling capabilities, making it an excellent choice for various lifting applications.

In addition to pillar-mounted cranes, VETTER Krantechnik GmbH also specializes in Wall Mounted Jib Cranes. These cranes are characterized by their space-saving design and robust construction. Ideal for wall installation, they efficiently optimize workspace utilization while delivering reliable lifting performance.

For industries that require mobility in their lifting equipment, VETTER offers the Mobile Jib Crane. These versatile and portable cranes provide flexibility in handling lifting tasks and are well-suited for various job sites where mobility is essential.

Moreover, VETTER Krantechnik GmbH offers the Load Turning Device - Rotomax, an innovative equipment that facilitates the manipulation of loads. This device ensures enhanced efficiency and safety when handling substantial loads, making it a valuable addition to any lifting operation.

VETTER Krantechnik GmbH's commitment to precision, quality, and innovation has made them a trusted name in the lifting solutions industry, delivering reliable equipment that meets the most demanding requirements across various industrial sectors.

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