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PLANETA cable winches, cranes & lifting gear serve various industries worldwide with standard components & comprehensive services.
Planeta Pitch Hoist


Planeta is indeed a well-known company based in Germany, founded in 1861 and has since become a leading name in the material handling industry.

PLANETA cable winches, cranes and lifting gear can be found in operation around the world, in steel mills, shipyards, mines, wind generator towers, cement works, the chemical and petrochemical industries, forestry businesses, automotive plants, drilling rigs, theatres and studio stages, sluices, canal bridges, construction sites, marine and sailing vessels, in pipework construction, aircraft manoeuvring operations and in many other areas. There is a large stock of standard components in Herne and Shanghai, e.g. ratchet lever hoists, lifting blocks, elevators, cable hoists, electric hoists, pneumatic hoists and lifting accessories. We also provide a spare parts service, final assembly, maintenance, repair, accident prevention regulation checks, installation work and training courses for our specialist dealers and their customers.

PLANETA stands out for "Appreciation of the traditional values and the depth of technical experience gives us the energy to overcome the tasks posed by never-ending progress along the path into the next millennium"