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Vetter's Manual Gantry Crane PA is the ultimate solution for scenarios where mobility is paramount

Vetter's Manual Gantry Crane - Efficiency in Mobility

Designed for alternating workplaces, this versatile crane handles loads up to 3,200 kg effortlessly. Whether it's an unexpected machine repair, tool change, or unplanned assembly, this crane has you covered.

In situations where the specifics of lifting and conveying operations are uncertain, the Manual Gantry Crane shines. When overhead cranes and other lifting devices can't be used due to space constraints or cost considerations, this mobile workshop crane steps in. It offers easy disassembly and installation, making it perfect for assembly operations. The lightweight design allows for individual adjustments in support height and crane rail length, ensuring it meets your unique requirements with precision. Choose Vetter's Manual Gantry Crane for unmatched efficiency and mobility in lifting operations.

The light-weight gantry crane PA perfectly meets your requirements since support height and crane rail length can be adjusted individually.

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