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When it comes to creating a solid foundation for your lifting equipment, look no further than REID LIFTING's Portable Bases, offered by RIGID Crane Services.

REID LIFTING's Portable Bases: Stability Where You Need It

The versatility of these portable bases shines in scenarios where precision and adaptability are paramount. Whether it's sudden machine repairs, tool changes, or unscheduled assembly, you can effortlessly move and transport heavy loads. These portable bases offer you the confidence that your lifting tasks can be accomplished without constraints.

In many situations, lifting and conveying operations cannot always be specified in advance. The availability of overhead cranes or other lifting devices may be limited. Space constraints, cost considerations, or the need for a mobile solution often come into play. REID LIFTING's Portable Bases address these challenges, offering a solution that can be easily disassembled and installed virtually anywhere.

Support height and crane rail length can be adjusted to the specific conditions on the spot, ensuring that your portable bases are tailored to your exact requirements.

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